Vote On The Best MLB 2K10 Cover

Posted November 24th, 2009 at 1:18 pm


Earlier today 2K Sports confirmed the selection of Evan Longoria for the cover athlete of MLB 2K10. Though it has been known that he was the choice since the images leaked out on the 15th those were actually placeholders for the final designs that can now be voted on here. The winning cover will be announced sometime after the December 8th deadline though it will probably be obvious beforehand since the updated numbers are displayed after voting.

Personally I would choose from the first two which is what the early results are trending towards. The red makes for an interesting change but I think it looks worse when the 360 box art trim surrounds it as seen in the mock-ups from earlier. The second option is not a very appealing shot and the third Longoria’s face isn’t visible and there is too much empty space. Leave your thoughts on the potential covers in the comments!