The Line Drive 12/5/09

Posted December 5th, 2009 at 11:08 am


  • Madden Arcade topped the sales charts for the week of 11/23 on Xbox Live Arcade. That is an encouraging sign especially given its relatively high price for an arcade offering and that it was only out for five of the seven days. If it stays up near the top of the charts through December that would indicate significant success and likelihood that downloadable arcade style games would continue and expand in 2010.
  • Madden Arcade will be receiving another roster update. When that will happen has not yet been determined however.
  • The latest patch for Fight Night Round 4 has gone live. Details on what the patch has provided can be found here.
  • The downloadable content for Fight Night Round 4 that was just released has been pulled from the 360 marketplace after it was discovered to be causing the game to freeze. The DLC pack includes the addition of Bernard Hopkins, Sonny Liston, Evander Holyfield, and two new game modes. Each of those things can also be purchased separately. The 360 will hopefully get the DLC back sometime before Christmas.
  • The unlock code for NHL 10 third jerseys is now out: rwyhafwh6ekyjcmr. This frees up new selections for Nashville, Minnesota, Chicago, Florida, and Colorado. You can check out the blog from EA which includes screenshots displaying a few of the added jerseys.