Thoughts on Madden Ultimate Team

Posted December 21st, 2009 at 4:12 pm


Recently there has been building discussion regarding the release of Madden Ultimate Team due out sometime in January. The free download will add a brand new game mode to Madden 10. TeamXbox, IGN, and Operation Sports have detailed previews of the mode. This has been a very popular addition to FIFA the past two years and as such the idea behind it has been expanded to Madden.

While the ability to build teams strategically (through the various avenues provided) is appealing it seems like a ton of effort is going to be required to do so. Unfortunately paying for for cards appears to be the way to really put together a great team. Playing online with these teams may be unbalanced because of that. I just can’t imagine investing so many hours with the purpose of just trying to earn credits and buy cards and with some players expiring after being used a certain number of times.

I’d like to know if additional credits are earned by playing longer games because it seems as though it is tailored to five minute quarters. I have no interest in playing five minute quarter games. If you end up getting penalized because of this, such as less likely to earn credits based on defensive performance, that would be pretty discouraging and I probably would never get into it.  However if bonuses are provided based on length of games and as long as coins are earned through normal play including Franchise and Online Franchise than this mode would really intrigue me.

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