NBA and NCAA Football Avatar Gear

Posted January 4th, 2010 at 11:52 am

Back in October NFL jerseys arrived for Xbox 360 avatars. Now NBA and NCAA Football jerseys have joined them in the marketplace. Interestingly in the competitive NBA arena both companies have released similar content. EA Sports has out jerseys for 41 college teams and a generic jersey for each NBA team. 2K Sports has released a jersey for every NBA team which include a number representing a player from each (no name on the back).

General response to the NFL jerseys were that they were overpriced at $4 and looked terrible. This was especially because of the 00 that each jersey displayed. The NBA and NCAA offerings are 240 MS points or the equivalent $3. The NBA jerseys do look better than the football jerseys and include more variety being able to choose from a generic team or one with a number while NCAA takes on the 00’s just like those from the NFL.

Click the following to see the options sorted by game: NCAA FootballNBA LiveNBA 2K