The Line Drive 1/10

Posted January 10th, 2010 at 12:42 pm

  • There has been much discussion over the lawsuits filed against the NCAA and EA regarding player likenesses in collegiate games. ESPN recently had an Outside the Lines piece on the lawsuits which you can watch here.
  • The second patch for NBA 2K10 will be released on Monday for the PS3. No word on when it will arrive for the 360.
  • One encouraging thing discovered about Madden Ultimate Team is that updates can be made to it very easily. Such is the case as some adjustments have already occurred to the availability of contract cards and what is included in the card packs.
  • When the news hit that EA would be resurrecting NBA Jam most assumed that the game’s creator Mark Turmell was being brought in for that purpose. In a recent interview though it has been revealed Turmell is overseeing the Madden and NCAA Football franchises as their Creative Director.