The Line Drive 2/6

Posted February 6th, 2010 at 9:16 am

  • In sales news UFC 2009 Undisputed has passed 3.5 million resulting in it becoming a “Platinum Hit” on the 360 and “Greatest Hit” on the PS3. That makes it the second best selling sports title domestically behind Madden which is extraordinary for the first year in a new franchise. NBA 2K10 has passed 2 million in worldwide sales which is a significant number as well.
  • EA Sports has released free NBA All-Star downloadable content for NBA Live 10. Available for the 360 and PS3 it provides the official East and West All-Star jerseys.
  • After watching the trailer for MLB 2K10 I realized there were a lot of scenes that flashed by far too quickly especially those of the stadiums. I took screenshots directly from the trailer which you can check out in the gallery.
  • The latest blog for MLB 2K10 goes over online play. In MLB 2K9 the online actually performed quite well when not taking into consideration the core problems with the game itself. No mention regarding roster updates in the blog though which were severely lacking last year.
  • As most of you have noticed I recently installed a new comment system. There are some great features to take advantage of including the ability to sort comments either by when they were posted or by their ratings.