The Line Drive 2/14

Posted February 14th, 2010 at 12:36 pm

  • Google Buzz launched last week and its something I’ve started utilizing for extended discussion beyond the articles that have been posted to the site. Feel free to follow me from my profile page and I will return the favor. As always you can follow me on Twitter for a more frequent stream of news and thoughts. Both will be especially valuable for upcoming live coverage from events including E3 and Comic-Con.
  • If you are into team management and mock drafts make sure to check out the popular annual Pastapadre Mock Draft being held in the forum. This is very detailed so the rules thread is a good place to start out. There are teams still open to control if interested.
  • The developer behind Backbreaker, NaturalMotion, has copyrighted the name Icebreaker as discovered by Destructoid. Though many names are copyrighted and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything will be made for certain, it does imply a potential interest in creating a Euphoria based hockey game.
  • Some new screenshots for 2010 FIFA World Cup have been added to the gallery.
  • In an interview with Eurogamer it has been revealed that FIFA 11 will include some changes in an attempt to encourage players to finish up their online games or better penalize those who don’t. Is it ultimately futile though? It’s hard to imagine much that would convince people who are well on the way to a loss to go through the motions for another half hour or however long.