MLB 10: The Show Catcher Blog

Posted February 16th, 2010 at 2:22 pm

SCEA has released yet another blog this time with the focus being playing as the catcher in Road to the Show. You can check out the full blog, though it is surprisingly brief, including a few new screenshots here.

The catcher is a key part of every single pitch in the game. He is arguably just as responsible for the outcome of a pitch as the pitcher. So when making MLB 10: The Show, we kept that in mind.

Personally I don’t see myself getting into this as a catcher, especially considering how much more time would need to be dedicated to playing each game because of the need to call every pitch. Still it is nice to have as another positional option and I’m sure there are people out there intrigued by the possibility to truly play as the catcher in RTTS. Leave your thoughts in the comments!