New Details on Backbreaker

Posted February 24th, 2010 at 5:07 pm

With Backbreaker having started promotion in advance of its May 18th release some previews will be out in the coming weeks. Scans of a new preview in the overseas magazine X360 have emerged. The actual article is written in an overly sensationalist manner so from it I’ve pulled out just the information on the game that hasn’t been touched on before.

  • Created teams being used online will not have the customized logos, jerseys, and field art displayed to opponents. It is implied that the decision to have teams show up as generic online was made due to the possibility of inappropriate content. Worry over potential licensing issues probably played a bigger part however. It is unclear whether custom teams will show when in private games against friends.
  • The article lists 1-22 players as well as an 11 vs 11 mode (in the mold of Online Team Play) but that has been confirmed to be incorrect information. There will be up to 2vs2.
  • User controlled players on defense can be switched during the action (something that was not in the E3 build last year). It will not necessarily be the player closest to the action switched to but could be someone who has a better opportunity of making a play.
  • A button will flip the camera while on defense in a situation where an assignment (or the ball) gets behind the user controlled player.