Potential Epic Meltdown Nearing For The Show’s Release (Updated)

Posted March 1st, 2010 at 8:00 am

A huge problem with what appears to be related to the internal clock took down many PS3’s on Sunday evening. The situation is approaching where the games to be released on Tuesday, including MLB 10: The Show, could be unplayable for a large number of gamers. The issue at hand prevents the console from connecting to PSN and keeps games that support trophies from being played even offline.

The slim PS3 models appear to be in the clear but the most of the original models are afflicted with the problem. One popular theory is that the PS3 could flip over to a real date of March 1st, after believing today is the non-existent February 29th, at 7et/4pt tonight. In that scenario the consoles may start working again.

If it doesn’t happen on its own in that manner Sony may be pressed to release a firmware update or lead into serious questions as to whether the consoles will be fixable at all and a recall may be in order. Reports are that even developer debug kits are out of commission which could end up in delays and other complications for projects in the works should the issue linger. All told this situation has the potential of being absolutely disastrous.

MLB 09: The Show is completely disabled and MLB 10 would likely face the same result when attempting to play. Sony has stated they are working on the problem though citing no specifics and there is no guarantee that anything will be resolved in time for when The Show makes it out to consumers in under 24 hours.

This also would do major damage to MLB 2K10’s $1 million contest for throwing a perfect game. PS3 users who had planned to buy for that reason could pass on it knowing that the feat may be achieved by a 360 user before even being able to fire up their copy or connect online (a requirement in order to qualify).

So, for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting MLB 10: The Show, what are you going to do if your PS3 is inoperable? Wait it out? Buy a slim PS3? Get MLB 2K10 for the Xbox 360? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

(Update) Sony has released a statement that they “hope to have it fixed within the next 24 hours.” So that is either a sign that they plan on delivering a fix or they are waiting for the date to flip and then claim that they have resolved it. Even still *hope* is not exactly the most comforting thing to hear.

(Update #2) As many had hoped for the time has passed and it appears that the PS3s in question are now working again. Major crisis may have been averted. It’s a fluid situation still but hopefully it will mean everything is good going forward.