MLB 2K10 Online Play Troubles

Posted March 3rd, 2010 at 9:29 pm

I’ve been looking forward to testing out the online play for the new baseball titles given that they have struggled performance wise in the past. MLB 2K9 actually ran relatively well online so I had hope that would be the case again this year but issues abound already for MLB 2K10.

The biggest problem being faced right now prevents users from even starting an online ranked game. Once the team select screen is reached no functionality on the controller works other than the ability to scroll through the teams. It is not possible to start a game or even back out of the team select screen. The user is forced to exit to the 360 dashboard in order to get out of it.

The image used for this article is what the team select screen looks like once it has been reached. The gamertags and controller icons do not display. “B” does not work to abandon the game and “start” does not work to begin the game. All that functions are the triggers which scroll through the teams to choose from.

When games have been accessible (getting locked into team select is intermittent) the widespread reaction is that lag is afflicting the performance to an extent that the batter must commit before the pitch is even on the way to the plate. I can attest to this having played one game which was very smooth but the delay at the plate makes hitting a crapshoot as you just swing and hope for the best.

More baffling is that the pitching is actually responsive. It is easy to get good power and complete the gestures without error. The delayed swinging yet responsive pitching leads to a ton of strikeouts and scoring just off lucky home runs. That conjures up memories of MLB 2K8, which had one of the worst online experiences ever, while MLB 2K9 appeared to have improved greatly in the area.

Reports of getting stuck at the team select screen trickled in on release day but it didn’t seem to be the epidemic that it turned into on Wednesday. A 2K Sports representative stated the issue was being looked into but it remains as of article publishing time.