Tiger Woods Shares Cover of Tiger 11

Posted March 9th, 2010 at 12:27 pm

EA Sports has posted a blog detailing many of the additions and enhancements coming to Tiger Woods 11. Tiger Woods shares the cover with Rory McIlroy, intended as a representation of how the game will allow players to choose to captain the Americans or Europeans in Ryder Cup play. Much of what else is discussed in the blog are changes made in an effort to produce a more sim experience.

It remains interesting considering the circumstances that for the first time ever the cover of the Tiger Woods franchise features more than just Tiger Woods. It would be remiss to pass this off as a coincidence just attributed to the Ryder Cup addition. This is one way to begin a transition, or prepare for the possibility of it, by gradually leaning away from reliance on a single entity as the face of a franchise. There is just too much risk involved by hitching a franchise to a single person these days. Even the idea of a cover athlete on a yearly basis is becoming more dangerous, let alone reliance on one individual over the course of their career as has been the case with Tiger Woods.