Return of the Padrecast

Posted March 22nd, 2010 at 1:17 pm

After a lengthy hiatus the Padrecast returns and with a new format, one that will likely evolve over time. This edition of the Padrecast involves discussion about that new direction, introduction of co-host Fred, a rundown of the biggest sports gaming news over the last week, and talk about the two most intriguing entertainment topics of the week. While we learned today that EA Sports is not suing over the South Park episode, the topic does come up, and in hindsight provides light on why the idea of them suing would have been a baffling decision. There is an issue with differences in volume between the two of us which we hope to alleviate in future shows.

Download the Padrecast by clicking here or listen to the show in the player below. The running time is just over 21 minutes. Feel free to leave any comments or any suggestions on topics you would like to hear in future Padrecasts!