Taylor Kitsch To Star in Battleship

Posted April 8th, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Taylor Kitsch is set to play the lead character in Battleship, which will be directed by Peter Berg. Kitsch and Berg have prior ties, as Berg created and produced the Friday Night Lights TV show where Kitsch really made his name, while also getting a significant role as Gambit in Wolverine. He is viewed as a budding star, already leading a tentpole film with the upcoming John Carter of Mars. In Battleship Kitsch will play the lead character, the CO of one of the destroyers.

Battleship is named after board game but obviously takes liberties in creating the story. It is shaping up to be an “event movie” with Naval ships battling an alien invasion. Kitsch was terrific as Tim Riggins in FNL (he really turned out to be the heart of the show) and Berg is one of my favorite directors so his casting is great news.