Green Lantern’s Suit Will Be Computer Generated

Posted April 13th, 2010 at 12:06 pm

Slash Film has an interesting report on the upcoming Green Lantern which stars Ryan Reynolds. Rather than wearing a traditional suit during filming the suit will instead be computer generated. You can check out the entire article here which goes over the thoughts behind using a CG suit and some early reports on how the movie is shaping up.

Remember, the Green Lantern suit is something that should look alien — it needs to seem other worldly. It encompasses any creature that wears the ring, and Hal Jordan is the first human to ever wear the suit. This was a chance for Dickson to do something different. You also have to consider that Hal changes into the suit multiple times in mid scene, and the cg also allows him to do this.

Because of this there aren’t expected to be any leaked photos from the set where the suit is seen before the studio wants to make its official reveal. Comic-Con might be the point where they choose to unveil Hal Jordan in the suit. Green Lantern is slated for release on June 17th 2011.