NBA Jam Catchphrase Contest

Posted May 13th, 2010 at 2:54 pm

EA Sports is offering the opportunity to have four user submitted catchphrases recorded for NBA Jam. Head to the game’s Facebook page where the contest can be entered. Catchphrases can be sent in from now through Wednesday May 19th and are limited at one entry per person.

Entrants’ submitted Entries must incorporate only the entrant’s own originally created catchphrase (“Original Creations”). Entries must pertain to the NBA JAM video game and be associated with any of the following actions in the Game: dunks, assists, alley oops, blocks, 3 pt shots, 2 pt field goal, “on fire” shots, steals, shot clock violations, rebounds, missed shots. Catchphrases should avoid reference to specific NBA players.

After the submission period ends EA will narrow it down to their favorite 64. From then on they will be voted on tournament-style and the final four catchphrases will make it into NBA Jam. If you think you have a clever line then after officially submitting it feel free to leave it in the comments! It is stated in the rules that if a line is sent in by multiple users only the first to send it in will be credited so it would be fun to hear some of the ideas out there.