Early Issues With UFC 2010 Undisputed

Posted May 25th, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Given my disdain of the early reviews overlooking online play (article here and discussed at length in the Padrecast) I’ve been following all the early developments for UFC 2010 Undisputed. I’m sure glad we got those perfect score reviews out as early as possible so as to gloss over the problems that would be found primarily with online play.

Since the reviews didn’t want to examine any of these things I decided to collect them and get them out there so as to push for them to be addressed. To be fair, some of these things could be improved upon immediately. Others though may have to wait for a patch and last year it took two months to get one.

Online lag: Lots of reports of crippling online lag on both the 360 and PS3. This is probably hit or miss like it was last year. Also lots of “game session not available” when trying to find fights.

Super Create-A-Fighters: It is relatively easy to get 100 ratings across the board for CAFs. That in turn potentially ruins the online fight camps. Compare to the highest rated real UFC fighter being a 79. This is made even worse by not being able to see the opponent’s fighter stats.

No sub-switching for CAFs: Regular UFC fighters have the sub-switching ability but created fighters do not.

Fight Camps not recording records: Wins and losses not showing up for the camps.

Problems setting up Fight Camps: Some getting disconnected from the server in the process.

Online will have lots of quitters: Losses are handed out for quitting but the person who got quit on does not get a win.

Machida takedown: Not sure if impossible, but improbable to prevent his takedown. He is a popular choice online because of it.

Gamestop codes not working: Exclusive TUF fighter codes are not working to unlock them.

Online play access codes: THQ’s lack of communication resulting in confusion. The codes for online play are on the back of the manual. Many who buy the game will have no idea of this. Also it has to be done through code redemption and not through the game’s menu. Some people will end up buying access to online without realizing they actually have a code that makes it free.