Complaints Abound Over UFC 2010 Online Code Setup

Posted May 27th, 2010 at 11:11 am

While issues with pretty much everything connected to online for UFC 2010 Undisputed continue (and in some ways having even gotten worse so more to come on that) there has been increased chatter on the code redemption process that has been instituted to provide access to online play. Kotaku had a great article about this last night which went into some of the big concerns and prompted a response from THQ. The bottom line is that the program was not communicated well and in turn the perception has been one of THQ being borderline deceptive in the process.

I’ve now heard from multiple people who purchased online access while, unbeknownst to them, actually had a valid code in hand. They only learned of such from having visited the site for one of the previous articles on the subject. Numerous reports can be found of similar scenarios on various message boards. Thanks to a response by THQ to the Kotaku article we have a customer service number of 818-880-0456 if there is a need to request a refund. I wonder though how many people will end up buying online access and never even know they had a code to begin with?

There is nothing on the packaging that suggests a code is required or included inside the box. The code is located on the back of the manual and is not an extra insert. Not only is it on the back of the manual and therefore not going to be seen by many but the manual is seated under multiple inserts. In all likelihood people aren’t going to just stumble onto the code unless they know to look for it. Reaching the online area of the game’s menu will lead to a prompt that states a code has been included with new copies but does not say where to find it. Some though will be asked to buy online access before ever even reaching that message.

All the developments, from not being upfront about the code program to begin with to its troubling implementation, have the signs of something that was thrown together at the last minute. Of course considering the manufacturing process and instituting the infrastructure of the program the decision was made a while back. THQ even states the decision was made early in the product development cycle but it clearly wasn’t planned out very well. It’s unfortunate it has gone this way for THQ and all eyes will be on EA Sports when their first “Online Pass” enabled game (Tiger Woods 11) arrives in a few weeks.