Madden 11 Handed Out In Times Square?

Posted July 6th, 2010 at 3:53 pm

Interesting developments in regards to Madden 11 today as earlier Drew Brees tweeted that he was in Times Square shooting a commercial and would be giving out free copies of Madden 11 to anyone who showed up. Of course these wouldn’t be actual copies right? The assumption was made that it was probably just vouchers to then pick up the game for free on its release date. The game isn’t actually done, pressed, and ready to ship in early July right? And it would seem unlikely that they would do something that would undercut the NCAA Football 11 hype in the days leading up to its release.

Now there is some uncertainty around what has taken place. A tweet from an ESPN sportswriter claims it was the actual game and one guy on Twitter stated that Brees handed him a copy of the game. It is certainly possible that the reporter was mistaken and the guy was purposefully vague about its contents. Though now the reporter has tweeted again stating that she was told by EA that it was the actual game. The most likely scenario is that the game case included a voucher inside and not the actual game but there is nothing concrete at this point one way or the other.

My thought is that if it was the game we’d be seeing chatter about it being played or listings going up on Ebay. I’ve yet to spot either. Currently waiting on an official statement from EA Sports on the matter or an image showing the contents.

(Update) The reporter cited earlier checked in with her contact at EA for clarification and now is stating that it was indeed a voucher included in the box and not the actual game.