Latest Madden 11 Gameplay Footage

Posted July 16th, 2010 at 6:17 pm

A couple new videos has been released showing off directly captured footage of Madden 11 using the demo matchup courtesy of Gamespot. For anyone who missed the details of the demo, which arrives on July 27th, those can be found here. While there were a lot of gameplay videos that came out of E3 one of the difficulties with that environment is getting the audio across. With these not only is there cleanly captured footage to assess the gameplay from but you can better evaluate the commentary and other audio elements. Continue on to check out the video and leave your thoughts in the comments!

(Update) Hearing that the commentary was cut back for the demo build, not sure if that explains the bad delay however. While the commentary was far from stellar in the E3 build I do remember it at least being better than what comes through in these videos.