Some More Details on Fight Night Champion

Posted July 20th, 2010 at 1:21 pm

Earlier today brought the first news of Fight Night Champion, what will be the fifth iteration of the Fight Night boxing franchise. It will include a new punch control system, revolutionary single player mode, and 60-65 licensed fighters. Now a few additional details have emerged.

Fight Night Champion will feature a refined physics based animation system that incorporates improved locomotion, stamina, and punching mechanics. The new punching system, known as “Full Spectrum Punch Control”, is intended to deliver the most realistic experience ever found in a boxing game while still remaining accessible. Visuals are another focus even though it has always been a strength of the series as they are promising improved boxer-likenesses, improved damage (seen in the screen above), and smoother animations.

Some have wondered whether the game could incorporate Playstation Move or Xbox Kinect but EA Sports has given no indication that they will provide functionality for either in Fight Night Champion. They certainly wouldn’t limit their sales by bringing out a big franchise to a restricted consumer base, though there is the potential for them to be included in a secondary manner. The new punch control system suggests the standard way to play will remain with the controller. Still no release date set but unless it gets pushed back it has been scheduled for the January-March quarter of 2011.