Jimmy Johnson Competing on Survivor: Nicaragua

Posted July 21st, 2010 at 7:28 am

Reports have surfaced that former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson is one of the contestants on the 21st season of Survivor being held in Nicaragua. Filming of the season began in late June which means it will be wrapping up in early-mid August and Johnson will be back in time for his NFL analyst duties on Fox. Airing of the new season will begin in September.

It would be hard to imagine Johnson not being recognized by the rest of the Survivor players. While some public figures have been on the show in the past, they have generally been obscure and able to hide their background or wealth for strategical reasons. This could put a target on his back early, though if he were to get far enough he could then become someone that a competitor wants to take to the finals thinking the jury wouldn’t want to award him the prize.