FIFA 11 Wii Gets Street Mode

Posted July 29th, 2010 at 8:33 am

The Wii version of FIFA 11 will not only have the standard 11v11 gameplay but will also feature a 5v5 street mode known as “Hit The Streets”. Essentially it sounds a lot like the FIFA Street games, bringing in the ability to use walls, build up power meters for shots, and activate speed bursts or shockwaves.

Decked out in street wear, compete in 5 versus 5 street matches. Customize the rules of each match for a true test of skill. Plus, a variety of different types of goals, including elevated and mini nets—take challenges to a different level.

The visual style for the game is pretty cool, with the players getting almost a “wooden” look rather than just appearing to be cheap graphical knock-offs of the versions on the more powerful systems. I still have trouble imagining myself enjoying a team sports game on the Wii but of the ones available FIFA is arguably the best received by gamers. Bringing in the more wide-open 5v5 street mode could be a quite appealing addition and a nice change of pace.