NBA Elite 11 Bynum Demo Glitch Video

Posted September 21st, 2010 at 4:33 pm

A video now being widely circulated (posted about in the comments here and featured on Kotaku) shows a glitch in the NBA Elite 11 demo where Andrew Bynum gets stuck in a “Jesus pose” or “Jordan Wings” at half court and remains there the rest of the game. It is funny to watch, not just in seeing it but also in the gamer’s reaction to it.

Instances such as this, while rare to see happen more than once, are not uncommon in games. It isn’t as though it has been widely reported and to compare 2K has had issues with coaches, mascots, and cheerleaders walking around on the court for example. However it becomes a bigger issue when impressions are being formed. Occasional oddities in a game like 2K can be easily overlooked as flukes, but in the case of NBA Elite 11 consumers don’t necessarily have the trust in the product to just laugh it off.

Response to the Elite demo has slanted heavily negative which isn’t really much of a surprise, but it’s damning that those giving the game a chance have turned on it so quickly. I’m currently working up initial impressions and a few videos to be up late tonight or in the morning. Continue on to check out the Bynum video (skip ahead to 2:22).