FIFA 11 Experiencing Online Pass Trouble

Posted September 28th, 2010 at 5:50 pm

An issue relating to the redemption of “Online Pass” codes for the Xbox 360 version of FIFA 11 has struck on release day of the game. I received numerous emails and tweets, verified by several postings on the FIFA 11 forums, that some users in the US are experiencing an inability to redeem the code. Those consumers are receiving a message that the code is invalid or has already been used once having input it for the first time.

EA Sports has now released a statement that they are working with Microsoft to rectify the issue. Restarting the system or even just exiting out of the game to the dashboard and loading the game up may do the trick so that is worth trying. It is important to note that no one should pay for online access if experiencing this issue, at the very least the free seven day trial should be used in the meantime.