NBA 2K11 Online Play Videos

Posted October 2nd, 2010 at 5:03 pm

No one will know how well NBA 2K11’s online play performs until next week but a few videos of head-to-head gameplay has made its way out already. The series has been hampered by severe performance problems in the various online modes (particularly Team-Up) as well as bugs that have rendered the online leagues broken. 

2K Sports has yet to really go into detail on the work they have done on the back-end to improve the experience and given all the additional sales due to the inclusion of Michael Jordan and having the competitor bow out the concerns have been heightened even further. If they can pull it off though the game would have few apparent weaknesses.

Early reports are that performance for the standard head-to-head games have been solid which is encouraging, but those results can’t be extrapolated to mean things are going to be in good shape once the game releases. Performance will have to be monitored and evaluated once tens of thousands are connected online. Continue on to check out two early online play videos and leave your thoughts in the comments!