EA Sports Adding Content to NBA Jam HD

Posted October 4th, 2010 at 10:34 am

According to NBA Jam creative director Trey Smith efforts are being made to add new content into the HD version of the game now that it is free of its ties to NBA Elite 11. The info comes from a Toronto radio show interview as relayed via Neogaf.

There was really no “complete” version of NBA Jam as the Wii version (releasing tomorrow) does not include online play and the downloadable HD versions were to miss out on the “Remix” mode. With the company now looking to recoup some of its losses on Elite that has opened the door to an opportunity to produce a better standalone product for the 360/PS3.

I’ll tell you, we’re doing everything in our power to get as much on there as possible. I mean, we had online up. It was a really basic online feature set. We’re trying to blow that out. And then you get Remix. We’re trying to throw it all in there. Right now, I mean, we got this bomb dropped on us just a couple of days ago as well. So, we’re shuffling to get everything together, but we got a great team. We got a lot of stuff up and working. We’re going to polish it up, and we’re gonna get it out there before holidays. And its really up to you. If you want to hang out with your friends and use gesture controls, you got it on the Wii. If you want to go online and you want that HD experience, you go on the PS3/360.

Given this news it appears that EA is going to change things up on the 360/PS3 and instead of a downloadable offering it will be a full retail release. They are adding content in order to justify the charge…potentially $50 to match the price of the Wii version or $60 as a standard release for these systems.

It could be a tough sell though for the company to claim a game, which was being marketed as free with copies of NBA Elite 11, is now worth full price because of the Remix mode being brought over and expanded online play options. In my time with NBA Jam HD it was clear that the game would provide a fun experience however I was basically evaluating it under the belief that it would essentially hold a value of about $20.