NBA Jam HD Getting Retail Release

Posted October 13th, 2010 at 10:03 am

When NBA Elite 11 was delayed it was made clear that NBA Jam was getting a separate release. The next big question was whether it would remain as a downloadable game or if it would get a full retail release. When it was revealed that content was being added to the game, and that it was basically being looked at as a way to recoup some of the losses that Elite incurred, the assumption became that it would no longer be a downloadable offering.

That now is all but confirmed as NBA Jam has been listed by Gamefly (including cover art for the 360 and PS3) and that would not have happened if it was being pushed out on XBL and PSN. The listings indicate release happening possibly on Tuesday November 16th. That would be just about ideal for EA Sports as they would then have the game in stores a week before Black Friday as the holiday shopping season rush commences.

Recently it was learned that the content being “added” to NBA Jam on the 360/PS3 was actually going to be offered as paid DLC for the free copy of the game that was being bundled with NBA Elite. Rather than going that route they are putting it all together in the retail release in an attempt to charge more up front.

No word yet on how much the game will go for but $50 or $60 should be the expected price point. They may try to justify $60 by comparing it to the Wii version which was $50 and didn’t have online play, roster updates, or the HD graphics. That could end up being a tough sell however to consumers who had placed a lower value on NBA Jam by expecting to get it for “free” with Elite.