EA Sports NFL Training Camp Details

Posted October 18th, 2010 at 9:55 am

This summer EA Sports officially unveiled their long rumored fitness game featuring the NFL. Known as EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp it is slated to release for the Wii on November 16th. Since that initial announcement there have been little info or promotion on the game but a feature list and trailer recently arrived.

For now NFL Training Camp is exclusive to the Wii. Considering the 360 and PS3 have their own motion based systems now with Kinect and Move it would seem likely that it will make its way over at some point.  EA Sports Active 2 is debuting on the HD systems on the same date. The $100 price point for Training Camp could scare some off though it’s the same as the other Active offerings and includes pack-ins such as a heart rate monitor, resistance bands, and sensors.

Continue on to check out the full features list and the trailer (which advertises a website at the end that isn’t up and running). Is anyone out there more interested in a fitness game because of the NFL themed exercises? Leave your thoughts on the game in the comments!

EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp is an exercise game for Wii that merges the established momentum that the EA Sports Active franchise has created in the genre with realistic NFL training camp routines to create the most challenging and focused exercise game developed to date. Game features include a full range of exercises developed with the input of actual NFL fitness and conditioning trainers, a 60-day exercise challenge, total wireless body tracking via included additional sensors, a built-in heart rate monitor, included resistance bands for strength training, 2-player support and more.

Compared to other fitness gaming releases on the Wii, EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp is in a whole other league. Unlike those other games that concentrate on general fitness concepts, EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp focuses on the agility, aerobic, stamina and strength training exercises that NFL players routinely are put through during their pre-season training camps. Developed in collaboration with NFL strength and conditioning coaches, users will experience the thrill of competition while challenging themselves, as well as friends and family in these authentic NFL football drills which are performed in the likeness of user’s favorite NFL players.

So, how does one ensure that the exercises that you are doing even come close to the exhaustive work that is done on and NFL gridiron: Total Body Tracking. EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp’s Total Body Tracking is measured via an advanced trio of sensors that correspond to points on the user’s body. The first of these is a user-supplied Wii Remote held in hand, while the other two consist of the included leg and arm sensors which are strapped in place before training begins. As the user goes through the various drills, challenges and resistance band improved strength training exercises that make up the in-game NFL Combine 60-Day Challenge, the included EA Active USB receiver allows EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp to accurately measure heart rate, calories burned and provide wireless motion tracking. This information is projected on-screen in real-time as the exercises continue and together provide a challenging and progressive workout that delivers the measurable results that users crave and that NFL coaches and pros will envy.

Along with fitness, EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp is also about the motivational powers of competition. With that in mind, and assuming a constant internet connection, the game provides for a continuous link to the EA Sports Active online hub. Game data will automatically be uploaded here for users that also have an EA Sports account. Here users can also challenge others to beat their personal best, as well as enjoy other community features. However you choose to play, EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp brings a real NFL training camp experience and its corresponding results right into the living room and into your life. Additional game features include: the ability to align yourself with your favorite team, 2-player support, points and achievements earned in-game and the ability to add new challenges for use on a Nintendo Balance Board. (Sold separately)

  • NFL Approved Challenges and Drills – EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp includes over 70 drills and challenges designed to improve strength, power and conditioning, as well as reaction skills, agility and first step quickness, all key areas NFL players focus on.
  • Built-in Heart Rate Monitor – Track your heart rate on screen in real-time with the innovative EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp heart rate monitor to capture intensity and optimize performance over time.
  • Wireless Motion Tracking – The EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp Total Body Tracking wireless system uses motion sensors in leg and arm straps along with the Wii remote to register movement and provide complete freedom of motion.
  • A Real NFL Experience – Pick your favorite team, step into a stadium and train alongside your favorite players.
  • Take Your Workout Online – Track your progress on the web via the EA Sports Active online global community on www.easportsactive.com. EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp tracks your fitness data online via automatic uploads to your online profile and allows you to share your data and connect with other users through workout groups – all while reaching your own personal best.
  • The NFL Combine 60-Day Challenge – Designed by certified personal trainers and NFL strength and conditioning coaches, the NFL Combine 60-Day Challenge provides total body conditioning using progressive exercise. Train like the pros do and take on the Combine.
  • Wii Balance Board Compatible – Add new challenges to your performance with the Wii Balance Board. (Balance Board not included)