Skyline 2 Already in Development

Posted October 29th, 2010 at 3:11 pm

I went into Comic-Con, like many others, having never heard of Skyline. The presentation and showing of some scenes though captured everyone’s attention, especially given that it was made on a low independent budget. The special effects looked as though they were right out of a big budget sci-fi tentpole film. It turns out that the Strause brothers who directed also financed and own their own special effects studio. To give some perspective on how slim the budget was they even chose to film much of it out of their own apartment.

Now comes word that the the two have a treatment for a sequel already completed. Of course whether a Skyline sequel gets green lit will depend on how the movie does when it opens up on November 12th. As of now it appears that Skyline is tracking for about a $20 million opening but its prospects continue to rise as the marketing has begun to ramp up. Check out the full trailer for the movie if you missed it here.