EA Sports MMA Sequel Confirmed

Posted December 1st, 2010 at 10:30 am

Much of the discussion around EA Sports MMA since its release in mid-October has centered on whether or not the potential franchise would be done after just one release. After a random analyst predicted its demise there came a wave of websites doing the same. It almost seemed as though there was a widespread smear campaign in effect. Instead, looking at the situation objectively, I felt there was reason to believe EA Sports MMA had a future.

In an interview with Figure Four Daily (via Crunchgear) EA MMA producer Jeff Ecker unequivocally stated there will be an EA Sports MMA 2. While Ecker declared it was not a matter of “if” but “when”,  the original plan was to alternate years with the Fight Night franchise. That would put the next EA MMA on schedule to release in 2012.

With UFC Undisputed going to a bi-annual release however and slated for 2012 as well I could see EA Sports bumping MMA to 2013. While I don’t believe UFC coming out earlier this year was a major factor in MMA’s slow sales, more separation from it couldn’t hurt. Regardless it is good news to hear the company is sticking with the product as it was quite impressive for a first attempt and has put some pressure on THQ and their UFC franchise.