$1 Million Challenge Returns for MLB 2K11

Posted January 6th, 2011 at 8:15 am

2K Sports is bringing back the Perfect Game Contest for MLB 2K11. Last year the $1 million dollar prize was won on the first day. The biggest change though comes with a shift of the start date. While the game releases on March 8th the contest won’t begin until April 1st to coincide with opening day. Also the age requirement is being dropped from 18 to 13. Other restrictions such as playing within the “Perfect Game Mode”, recording the event on video from start to finish, using all default settings, and avoiding pausing the game during the duration remains the same.

The $1 million stunt last year made for some good mainstream press for 2K but didn’t do much if anything to boost sales. Bringing it back is somewhat of a surprise just because of the money involved on a franchise that will be losing the company a hefty amount yet again. It does give them something to push heavily in marketing that differentiates it from the competition however. Does the $1 million contest make you more likely to consider MLB 2K11? Leave your thoughts in the comments!