Tron: Legacy DVD to Include Teaser for Sequel

Posted January 24th, 2011 at 3:40 pm

A sequel to Tron: Legacy has only been rumored at this point but that isn’t stopping Disney from including a tease for it on the DVD/Blu-ray release.┬áThree scenes were reportedly shot back in November to comprise a trailer of sorts to be included amongst the special features. The movie is expected to reach stores in April.

Given that it was completed before Tron: Legacy hit theaters there is no way to say the inclusion indicates a sequel is in fact on track. Disney had hoped the film would launch a franchise but the box office results have not made that a certain bet. With a budget rumored to have reached $300 million when including the heavy marketing, Tron: Legacy has made a decent $163 domestically but has performed especially well overseas. With a worldwide total at $343 million and factoring in merchandising and the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray it is clear that is has been a profitable venture….just maybe not to the extent that Disney had hoped.

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