Improvements to MLB 2K11 Modes and Graphics Detailed

Posted February 11th, 2011 at 3:45 pm

A few updates dropped today for MLB 2K11. One is a developer blog straight from 2K Sports that focuses on enhancements to the graphics and the other from ESPN takes a look at My Player and Franchise modes. With only three and a half weeks to go until release hopefully 2K will open up with some gameplay footage and set a demo date a week or two in advance.

Graphically the MLB 2K series has been poor the past few years, in some ways to an embarrassing extent, as a clear trade-off was made in order to provide a consistent framerate. Side-by-side screenshots illustrate many of the advancements that have been made such as in the facial expressions, player models, jerseys, and lighting. It looks as though this could be the year where the graphics come back in line with expectations.

The work done with fielding makes the task a prime area of improvement in My Player mode as users will have much more control over the outcome of each play. In Franchise mode in-game injuries make an appearance and that goes along with the dynamic ratings that have already been discussed and factor into the mode with players getting on hot and cold streaks.