MLB 11: The Show Team Rankings

Posted March 2nd, 2011 at 7:30 am

The full 1-30 team rankings for MLB 11: The Show have made their way out through a posting over at Operation Sports. The overall rankings take into consideration the entirety of the teams’ pitching staff, hitting lineup, and fielding proficiency. The Red Sox top the list followed by the Yankees, the reigning World Series Champion Giants, AL Champion Rangers, and the Phillies with their starting pitching staff for the ages. Continue on for the full listing of teams and leave any thoughts in the comments!

1st Red Sox
2nd Yankees
3rd Giants
4th Rangers
5th Phillies
6th Tigers
7th White Sox
8th Cardinals
9th Rockies
10th Braves
11th Dodgers
12th Reds
13th Rays
14th Jays
15th Brewers
16th A’s
17th Twins
18th Orioles
19th Cubs
20th Padres
21st Mets
22nd Marlins
23rd Nationals
24th Angels
25th Diamondbacks
26th Pirates
27th Astros
28th Mariners
29th Indians
30th Royals