Complete MLB 11: The Show Team Rankings

Posted March 4th, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Earlier the overall team rankings for MLB 11: The Show made their way out, however the overall is only a representation of the combined batting, pitching, and defensive rankings. Here are the breakdowns for each team in all of the respective categories. The Red Sox have been deemed to have the best pitching staff while the Yankees top both hitting and defense.

Red Sox: 1st Overall, 2nd Batting, 1st Pitching, 2nd Defense
Yankees: 2nd Overall, 1st Batting, 4th Pitching, 1st Defense
Giants: 3rd Overall, 3rd Batting, 3rd Pitching, 22nd Defense
Rangers: 4th Overall, 5th Batting, 8th Pitching, 4th Defense
Phillies: 5th Overall, 14th Batting, 2nd Pitching, 3rd Defense
Tigers: 6th Overall, 9th Batting, 11th Pitching, 19th Defense
White Sox: 7th Overall, 11th Batting, 10th Pitching, 13th Defense
Cardinals: 8th Overall, 12th Batting, 9th Pitching, 5th Defense
Rockies: 9th Overall, 8th Batting, 12th Pitching, 17th Defense
Braves: 10th Overall, 4th Batting, 14th Pitching, 24th Defense
Dodgers: 11th Overall, 17th Batting, 5th Pitching, 8th Defense
Reds: 12th Overall, 7th Batting, 17th Pitching, 15th Defense
Rays: 13th Overall, 10th Batting, 21st Pitching, 18th Defense
Blue Jays: 14th Overall, 6th Batting, 25th Pitching, 12th Defense
Brewers: 15th Overall, 21st Batting, 13th Pitching, 30th Defense
A’s: 16th Overall, 24th Batting, 7th Pitching, 20th Defense
Twins: 17th Overall, 15th Batting, 18th Pitching, 26th Defense
Orioles: 18th Overall, 13th Batting, 22nd Pitching, 6th Defense
Cubs: 19th Overall, 20th Batting, 16th Pitching, 11th Defense
Padres: 20th Overall, 27th Batting, 6th Pitching, 25th Defense
Mets: 21st Overall, 16th Batting, 19th Pitching, 9th Defense
Marlins: 22nd Overall, 19th Batting, 20th Pitching, 29th Defense
Nationals: 23rd Overall, 18th Batting, 23rd Pitching, 16th Defense
Angels: 24th Overall, 26th Batting, 15th Pitching, 10th Defense
Diamondbacks: 25th Overall, 23rd Batting, 27th Pitching, 27th Defense
Pirates: 26th Overall, 22nd Batting, 30th Pitching, 28th Defense
Astros: 27th Overall, 25th Batting, 28th Pitching, 23rd Defense
Mariners: 28th Overall, 29th Batting, 24th Pitching, 7th Defense
Indians: 29th Overall, 28th Hitting, 29th Pitching, 14th Defense
Royals: 30th Overall, 30th Batting, 26th Pitching, 21st Defense