MLB 11: The Show Coverage Begins Today

Posted March 4th, 2011 at 8:45 am

With MLB 11: The Show in hand later today the pre-release coverage will go strong through the weekend and Monday. Impressions, videos, screenshots, and info is on the way! Here is a chance to make some requests. Who would you like to see featured in a screenshot? What teams would you like to see in videos? Keep in mind I’ll only be able to get to some of them due to time constraints but will make those calls based on suggestions in the comments.

During the process follow along on Twitter for thoughts on the game and updates. “Like” the site on Facebook as the screenshots will be added there as they are captured until pulling them all together for a posting on the site at some point over the next few days. Vote in the poll below on which matchup you would most like to see in the first video!