First Update on Voting in Second Round of Madden 12 Cover Tournament

Posted March 29th, 2011 at 5:30 pm

ESPN has dropped some info on the current status of some second round matchups for the Madden 12 cover just over a day into the full week of voting. The only one of those mentioned that could really be considered a surprise is Patrick Willis holding a healthy 61/39 lead over Hines Ward. Willis edged out a victory over The 12th Man in the closest first round contest and Ward has the large and supportive Steelers fan base behind him but that could also make him a target.

Adrian Peterson, arguably the favorite to reach the finals from his respective side of the brackets, has established a solid 55% of the vote vs Philip Rivers. As expected Aaron Rodgers is cruising yet again this time over Sam Bradford and currently has 77% of the vote. The one to watch though is Maurice Jones-Drew vs Jamaal Charles which is a virtual dead heat at this point.