Final Set of New Plays in NCAA Football 12

Posted April 15th, 2011 at 12:50 pm

This group of plays completes the reveal of 25 new ones being introduced in NCAA Football 12. Timing wise that leads right into the cover announcement and first significant info on the game as both are expected to arrive next week. Continue on for a look at the plays which are accompanied by their respective descriptions. 

I-Form Twins UK Fade Smash
I-Form Twins UK Fade Smash is a unique way that Kentucky likes to run the smash concept. In the traditional smash concept the slot receiver runs a corner route. The Wildcats like to use a fade route which gets the slot receiver near the same deep area of the field as if he were running a corner route.

Ace Big Twins Weak Flood
A three tiered flood concept, Ace Big Twins Weak Food can be used to attack a variety of defensive coverages. The post route is the first read in the progression and if open the ball should be thrown there. The deep out route by the slot receiver combined with the shallow cross route of the tight end creates a hi/lo vertical stretch on the defense.

4-2-5 Under Slide Rover Wk Dog
4-2-5 Under Slide is a new defensive formation for NCAA Football 12. This defensive look from the 4-2-5 calls for the secondary to align in a two deep look with one cornerback aligned tight and the other aligned in a loose technique. Rover Wk Dog is a pressure scheme that allows the defense to rush four defenders at the weak side of the offense.

Shotgun Trips Unbalanced Mizzou Jet
Shotgun Trips Unbalanced Mizzou Jet is a new addition to the Tigers high flying spread offense. The formation calls for the tight end to align on the line of scrimmage and places the split end on the left off the line of scrimmage. With three spread receivers combined with the halfback in the backfield, Missouri can get four blockers at the point of attack on the jet sweep.

4-2-5 Okie Across Bullets Dbl A
4-2-5 Okie Across places the five defensive backs in the formation in a loose alignment of about 8 to 10 yards. In addition to the alignment of the defensive backs, the right defensive end aligns in a two point stance similar to that of an outside linebacker. Bullets Dbl A sends both linebackers in the formation on blitzes in each A gap.

Shotgun Quads Trio Slot Pivot
Shotgun Quads Trio Slot Pivot is a play that’s designed to put a horizontal stretch in the underneath coverage of zone defenses. The inside receiver closest to the formation runs a shallow cross while the next receiver to his right runs a pivot route. Those two routes going in opposite directions creates a natural void in zones for the dig route that’s ran by the next receiver over in the formation.