Peyton Hillis Leading Michael Vick in Vote for Madden 12 Cover

Posted April 25th, 2011 at 7:45 am

If the vote for the cover athlete of Madden NFL 12 were to end today Browns running back Peyton Hillis would receive the honor. Hillis is winning over Eagles quarterback Michael Vick with the news of that coming from CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell. Given the strength of support behind Hillis and the outcomes of each match-up along the way being foretold in the early numbers it would appear likely he will hang on and win this. The official announcement of who will be on the Madden 12 cover is set to be made Wednesday.

This would be the ideal outcome for EA Sports. They’ve already gotten a high level of publicity out of the controversy created by including Vick in the tournament and his subsequent run through it. Hillis though makes for a great story to craft a marketing strategy around and is the type of high character guy desired to put front and center. Regardless of who were to win out the tournament has exceeded expectations in their ultimate goal of raising awareness of the upcoming game.