Madden 12 Has Started Strong with Gameplay and Presentation Features

Posted May 6th, 2011 at 10:45 am

There is no sports franchise that faces near the same scrutiny as Madden and that makes the response to the release of the first significant info and trailers for Madden NFL 12 that much more startling. The initial perception was that there was heavily positive vibes (which has become a rarity) across many channels and that has been further proven with the poll results.

Over 8,000 voters chimed in with their feelings on the feature reveals for Madden 12. The decision to concentrate on gameplay improvements and presentation enhancements has paid off. This in stark comparison to how Madden 11 was handled and never fully recovered from.

Encouraging for EA Sports is the first reaction to the info and accompanying videos. Over 75% of respondents were positive towards what was chosen to be at the forefront of change for Madden 12. Understandably many are still in the “wait and see” category as this early there is no pressure to make any sort of commitment.

Respondents showed strong interest in many of the new features, though the gameplay related improvements had the edge over presentation in what is currently most anticipated.