Madden NFL 12 Franchise News Continues Positive Early Momentum

Posted May 23rd, 2011 at 4:00 pm

The first wave of major Madden NFL 12 info centered on gameplay and presentation improvements. That was met with a notably more encouraging response from the community than is usual, particularly when compared to last year, with over 75% encouraged by the features and general direction of the title at that point in time. That has since been followed by a detailing of the additions and enhancements to Franchise and Superstar modes.

After collecting over 7,000 votes it is clear that the good feelings have carried over due to the work put into Franchise mode though respondents are less impressed by what has been done with Superstar mode. 

Franchise Mode
After taking a year off from advancing Franchise mode it was of great importance that EA Sports deliver on their promises. By bringing in “Dynamic Player Performance”, player roles, free agency “bidding”, a real pre-season, and more it appears that the majority out there are satisfied. Anything Madden related that has only 6% negativity has to be seen as a win for EA.

Superstar Mode
Though not necessarily negative – much may be simple disinterest in the mode to begin with – Superstar clearly hasn’t gained the same traction that Franchise did. Most of what affects the mode is just benefiting from improvements elsewhere (player roles, tendencies). The majority are expressing content with what has been discussed though not the same enthusiasm by any means with just 27% excited.