No Return of NHL 2K This Year

Posted May 24th, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Today during their quarterly financial webcast Take Two announced that the NHL 2K series will not be returning this year. NHL 2K11 only appeared on the Wii and iPhone, and though not explicit in the statement it would appear that there are no plans for any non-mobile version of 2K12 – that is unless the company does not consider the Wii a “console”.

“2K Sports once again does not plan to release an NHL title for consoles this year.”

When NHL 2K11 was canceled for the 360 and PS3 the original statement from the company was that they would just be taking a year off but the writing was on the wall long before that. The prospects of the series returning were very slim due in large part to the domination of EA Sports’ NHL series in a market that would struggle to support two high profile franchises.