Teaser Trailer for NBA 2K12

Posted May 31st, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Earlier this evening 2K Sports dropped the first trailer for NBA 2K12 prior to the start NBA Finals game one. The trailer had already debuted on NBATV but the exposure it got during pre-game on network TV is much more valuable. Similar to what EA Sports had to do with Madden in communicating that the game will be coming out regardless of a lockout 2K Sports is stuck in the same predicament and it would seem this was the start of their strategy – though they went the same route last year with the first trailer as well.

As expected NBA 2K12 is set to release on Tuesday October 4th. Even with no competition it was unlikely there would be a shift away from the NBA mandated first Tuesday of October date. Otherwise there is very little newsworthy out of the trailer especially considering it was pieced together completely with 2K11 footage.