Face Tattoo in The Hangover: Part II to be Altered After Leaving Theaters

Posted June 9th, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Warner Brothers today filed papers in court indicating they intend to change the tattoo featured on the face of the Ed Helms’ character Stu for the home video release of The Hangover: Part II. The studio has been embroiled in court battle over a copyright claim from the man who created the original tattoo for Mike Tyson.

The lawsuit was filed shortly before release of the film in theaters and now if no settlement is reached before preparing the DVD/Blu-ray and On-Demand showings then WB has agreed they will change it.

While the tattoo references Tyson’s involvement in the original Hangover it really isn’t a big part of the story or even much of a joke beyond that. Changing it shouldn’t substantially affect enjoyment of the film to say the least despite how big a deal has been made over the lawsuit.