Green Lantern Sequel Still Planned

Posted June 27th, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Despite poor box office returns Warner Bros. plans to go ahead with a sequel for Green Lantern. The DC comic adaptation had a budget rumored to be $200 million plus another reportedly $100 million in marketing costs. After 10 days it has grossed just $89 million domestically and it isn’t being saved overseas where it has collected only $29 million. Reviews were largely negative as word-of-mouth has killed its chances of holding well in the coming weeks.

So even with the movie essentially bombing the studio wants to go ahead with a sequel? For WB they seem desperate to have a new franchise with Harry Potter finally coming to an end after next month’s final chapter releases. There are of course no guarantees that a sequel will actually materialize but if it does it should be expected to be toned down in terms of special effects to lower the budget and carry with it a new director.