MLB Bobblehead Pros Now Available

Posted July 6th, 2011 at 8:00 am

Arriving for the Xbox 360 today is MLB Bobblehead Pros which brings a new character look to the former MLB Power Pros series. As with all XBLA games a free trial can be played before making a purchase decision and in this case that involves a single game of Phillies vs Giants. MLB Bobblehead Pros is being sold for 800 MS points ($10). It will also be released on PSN though its arrival date there is unknown.

The game will be familiar to veterans of the the MLB Power Pros series which has an arcade skin but is a sim at heart. It plays similar just with the new ‘bobblehead’ models and includes all MLB licensing for teams and players. Developed by Konami included is a full 162 game season mode, local co-op, online play, and the offer of downloadable content packs (home run derby will be one) to come over the course of the summer to expand the feature set even further.