Details on Madden 12 for Mobile Devices

Posted July 20th, 2011 at 9:30 am

Madden 11 won the community award for ‘Best Mobile Game’ of 2010 and Madden 12 will attempt to follow that up by making the experience even better rather than tacking on big new features.┬áReleasing in late August on iOS and Android (price currently unknown) Madden 12 will return all of the features from the previous version while better optimising the game for the various platforms and devices.

Without adding any major features Madden 12 looks to have instead put the work into making the game run even better while enhancing the graphics on top of that. Well regarded features introduced in M11 included ‘GameFlow’, ‘Total Defensive Control’, and ‘Hot Routes Everywhere’ which are all back. With M12 the playbooks have been updated and teams should play more to their own styles.

The graphics are said to be improved across the board along with better tackling animations. The enhancements otherwise seem to concentrate on providing a better experience on Android – where M11 released only on a single Verizon phone earlier this year and M12 will expand to all of Android – and providing a version that will take full advantage of the iPad 2.