Viral Video Becomes Inspiration for Madden NFL 12 Achievement

Posted July 28th, 2011 at 4:30 pm

The list of Xbox 360 achievements/PS3 trophies recently arrived for Madden NFL 12. Many of the achievements are based on duplicating or exceeding the extraordinary performances turned in by individual players last season. The most notable achievement though doesn’t have to do with real life performance – instead it requires the replication of one play’s result from an ultra popular Madden 11 user-created video.

With over five million views the video of a Greg Jennings catch and run 99 yard TD became a viral video sensation. That is now an achievement for Madden NFL 12 – minus the whole limping due to injury aspect of it. TheĀ ‘Put Da Team On My Back” achievement will be worth 50 points.