Mike Myers Signs on for Austin Powers 4

Posted August 12th, 2011 at 10:00 pm

A fourth entry in the Austin Powers¬†franchise (that began in 1997 with the last coming in 2002) has long been rumored and now looks as though it’s coming to fruition. Reports are that star and writer Mike Myers has signed on for the film of which he’s been working the script over the years. It’s uncertain if director of the first three films Jay Roach will return.

The Austin Powers series opened quietly with International Man of Mystery (totaling $53 million) but saw a huge following built on home video. That led to the sequel The Spy Who Shagged Me (totaling $206 million and over $300 million worldwide) and the third entry Austin Powers in Goldmember (bringing in $213 million and nearly $300 million worldwide). The general consensus at that point was the characters and gimmicks had run they’re course – but nearly 10 years later does that sentiment remain or is there renewed interest?